Aldous has been in business for several years but there are several things we want everyone to know about us.

1: We are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Our call center is also based here. Most of our representatives are college educated and many speak Spanish.

2: Aldous and Associates is an active law firm.

3: Our splits are 100% contingency based. No hidden fees for account cancellations, adjustments, or settlements. We offer the most competitive splits in every industry.

4: You are able to remove an account from collections at any time with NO FEES, even if the account is reported on credit or ‘old’. These are your accounts and you own the contracts and we’ll service them the way you want.

5: You have the flexibility to take lower settlement payments at the front desk to try and get someone reinstated. We’ll only take credit for the amount actually paid, which is deducted from the month-end client disbursement. We don’t credit for waived amounts (if someone owes $200 and they pay the club $100 – we’ll only take credit for the amount actually paid and the rest is waived out). This to us is common sense and a friendly business practice. This also accelerates retention.

Bonus Fact – All of our calls are recorded so at any time if you hear a complaint with our service or have a concern, we will produce call recordings for you to review.


Does your business need help with collections? We can help!