About Aldous & Associates

Aldous & Associates is a law firm that specializes in past due consumer collections. Going on 15 years in business, Aldous was founded to target the gym industry and has since grown to serve other industries. Our clients always comment on our professional approach to collections and client friendly policies. These are 4 areas where Aldous is different and offers unmatched value:

Our services are designed to bring you revenue! Ongoing improvements and use of technology continue to improve success for our clients. Some of our clients see 20% improvements as a result of our enhancements. Our pricing structure is built on contingency splits with no additional fees, so we only make money when we collect. We are motivated to maximize your success, because it benefits us as well.

If you desire, you can participate in our unique program designed to specifically retain your members after they pay their collections balance. Other clients have seen huge success with this program to help boost their membership and revenue. Because our connection to members is professional, they have a much higher chance of wanting to continue their relationship with your business.
Our US based call center is filled with college educated representatives, and about 33% are bilingual. They receive continuous education to ensure our communication is professional, consistent, and frequent. Because we are a law office, our interactions are held to a higher standard and encourage immediate payment. Our representatives know the industries we serve and can explain the debt clearly to people. We also use a unique algorithm and technology to electronically engage your members and offer a frictionless payment experience.
We have built integrations with many different software companies to serve you in the best way possible. These integrations save you time and money so collections can happen automatically on the back end. We also work to communicate clearly with your team day to day on progress and can provide custom reporting on a weekly or monthly basis so you have all the data you need.


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