We have all had the experience of calling a company’s customer service only to talk to someone in another country. This dynamic creates particular challenges that having a call center in the United States can solve. Not only is this true for customer service, but also for collections calls. Consider these significant benefits of using a U.S.-based call center.

Improved Communication

Offshore call centers often come with language and cultural barriers that make it difficult for parties to communicate. Since calls are all about communication, this method makes no sense. Instead, it’s much better to have your U.S. gym members talk to someone who is also located in the U.S., which will ensure the parties understand each other’s language and culture for proper communication and comprehension.

Increased Trust

It can be challenging to know when a call is legitimate or a scam. When the call comes from a different country or the caller seems to use English as a second language, it increases the uncertainty. This setup doesn’t work when you need your consumers to trust the calls they’re receiving. This is especially true with collections calls, as you’re asking for payments, which could quickly sound the alarm bells for your members. Instead, you’ll increase trust by using a U.S.-based call center, especially for collections calls.

Better Security and Compatible Technology

You should also consider technology and security when considering which type of call center to work with. An offshore center may use different technology, making its processes incompatible with your business. In addition, offshore centers are outside the security protocols that U.S.-based ones need to follow. You could be opening up your company to a data security breach. You’ll increase security and compatibility of technology by doing business with a center in the U.S. instead.

Continued Outsourcing

You can still benefit from outsourcing your collections calls while gaining the advantages of a call center in the U.S. Rather than outsourcing your collections to a company that outsources the calls to another country, you can use Aldous and have peace of mind knowing everything is still U.S.-based and -operated. Not only will call recipients share a similar culture with the collections caller, but we are also explicitly trained to have a higher level of professionalism. In addition, we have bilingual reps to suit the communication needs of such a diverse country.

Optimized Time Zones

When you work with an offshore call center, time zones become a massive challenge. An offshore call center not only requires employees to take on unusual shifts but also creates an opportunity for error – such as calling an individual in the early morning hours or even in the middle of the night. A U.S.-based call center, on the other hand, allows for structured calling hours to optimize all U.S. time zones. For instance, calling hours to the West Coast may start later in the morning and extend later into the evening, whereas calling hours to the East Coast enjoy a 3-hour head start, resulting in more connections. A U.S.-based company like Aldous & Associates is a terrific solution for optimizing all time zones without error.

Stick to an Onshore Call Center

As you can see, there are many advantages to working with a call center in the same country. The best part is that going this route helps your business provide better customer service and create an enhanced relationship with your customers. It’s possible you could diminish trust and connections through poor communication or questionable tactics, but choosing a U.S.-based call center, even if the cost is higher, can support your goals of retaining clients and maintaining positive relationships with them.


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