It’s a great method for your gym to carry out the initial stages of a collections process on your own. If you haven’t seen the desired results within 90 days, sending the case to a collections company is helpful. You could use a generic collections agency, but there are certain benefits to instead working with a law office.

Seem More Professional and Legitimate

Emails, letters and phone calls from a law office immediately come across as more professional and legitimate than ones from regular collections agencies. People don’t know who to trust in the modern world and may see collections requests as scams. Or, they may think it’s something they can brush off and it will disappear. But, when the communication comes from a law office, they will likely consider it legitimate and handle it professionally.

Not only does a law office seem more legitimate to members, but its staff members tend to act more professionally as well. After all, their actions reflect upon the law office’s reputation. At Aldous & Associates, we also use a gentle yet effective collections approach designed to maintain the relationship between your gym and its members. In general, this kind of experience can be much different from the collection agencies that use aggressive and unprofessional tactics.

Catch People’s Attention Better

Delinquent members may ignore payment reminders from your gym or a generic collections agency, but that’s not likely to happen with communication from a law office. Having the legitimacy of a law office come through on a letterhead, email signature, or phone call introduction immediately catches attention. People tend to take the communication more seriously and see it as something they need to address to avoid potential consequences. 

This impression is correct, as a law office does hold certain types of power to use in this kind of situation. For instance, we can report a missed payment on a credit report, which creates long-term financial consequences. When a law office like ours lets a delinquent member know this is our next step, we tend to keep their attention and get them to take action.

Become a Higher Priority

Your gym may not be the only one looking to collect from some of your members who have gone delinquent. If someone fails to make payments they agreed to or is going through a difficult financial time, they likely owe money to more than one place.

How can your gym stand out and become a higher priority than the other collections notices? By having a law office act as your collections company, you can put your case to the front of the pile. This tactic creates a sense of urgency and importance, similar to receiving a letter from the IRS. People will feel like they can’t put it off, especially if facing the consequences like having the missed payment reported to the credit bureaus. 

Work With a Specialized Collections Company

When you work with Aldous & Associates, you gain all the benefits of outsourcing your 90+ day collections and working with a company that specializes in gym collections, in addition to having your collections process go through a law office.


Does your business need help with collections? We can help!