At Aldous and Associates, we understand that the start of a new year isn’t just about personal resolutions; it’s also a prime opportunity for businesses to collect on past due accounts for our clients. With the New Year’s spirit of improvement and change in the air, we recognize that this is the perfect time to help individuals address their overdue debts while working towards their financial goals, especially when it comes to credit improvement. In this blog post, we’ll explore how our collections law office can leverage the New Year mindset and the impact of credit reporting to benefit both our clients and their debtors.

Harnessing the Power of New Year Resolutions

Just as individuals set personal goals for self-improvement at the beginning of the year, Aldous and Associates capitalizes on this mindset shift to facilitate the collection of outstanding debts. Here’s how we make the most of this fresh start:

  1. Strategic Outreach

The New Year presents an excellent opportunity for us to reach out to debtors with overdue accounts. We do this with sensitivity and understanding, recognizing that financial difficulties can affect anyone. We communicate our commitment to assisting them in resolving their debts while emphasizing the benefits of a fresh start.

  1. Clear and Attainable Debt Repayment Plans

At Aldous and Associates, we work closely with debtors to establish comprehensive payment plans. These plans are customized to the debtor’s financial situation, ensuring that the goals are both clear and attainable. By setting realistic milestones, we foster motivation and increase the likelihood of successful resolution.

  1. Credit Reporting’s Role

One of the key reasons why the New Year is an ideal time for debt collection is the importance people place on improving their credit. Many individuals include “improving credit” in their list of financial resolutions. This is where credit reporting comes into play.

Debts reported on credit reports can have an influence on one’s credit score. Debtors are more motivated to address these debts during this time, as they understand the positive effect it will have on their creditworthiness.

By leveraging the New Year’s resolution mentality and emphasizing the credit reporting aspect, we encourage debtors to prioritize the settlement of their debts. This not only benefits them in terms of credit improvement but also ensures our clients receive the funds they are owed.


As we embark on a new year, Aldous and Associates seizes the opportunity to help individuals address their overdue debts and work toward financial recovery. By aligning our collections efforts with the New Year’s resolution mindset, we encourage debtors to prioritize settling their outstanding accounts. This not only contributes to their credit improvement goals but also ensures our clients receive the payments they are owed. At Aldous and Associates, we believe that a fresh start can be a win-win for all parties involved, and we are committed to helping individuals achieve their financial resolutions while upholding the rights of our clients.


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